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Rebel Storm would like to acknowledge our kinship with the following bands and individuals.

Flatman (Germany)

We have enjoyed a very close relationship with Flatman, and have played many shows with them.

Visit Flatman at :


Thanks for your friendship, you are the best!

W.I.N.D. (Italy)

We played the 2003 Gator parties with W.I.N.D. and Flatman.

It was W.I.N.D.'s first tour in Germany.

We had a blast jamming with you guys!

Visit W.I.N.D. at:

Pat Savage

Pat Savage was the Hard Way Europe Tour guitarist in 2003.

We went through a lot with you Pat, and we love you.

Visit pat Savage at:

Voodoo Lake (Italy)

We played two shows with Voodoo Lake in 2003 and they are very great people!

Visit Voodoo Lake at:

Bands of Dixie Magazine (France)

It was great meeting ya'll in France!

Thank you for all the support.

Visit Bands of Dixie Magazine at:

Mimi Schniderbanger

When Mimi wasn't touring with us as drummer for Flatman, he was behind the wheel of our tour bus (The Hard Way Tiger) on the 2003 "Hard Way" European Tour through Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Austria.

Mimi has just about been through it all with us!

One word describes our friendship with him,


Visit Flatman at :

The Rainbow Club

Horb-Altheim, Black Forest, Germany

Our absolute favorite place in the Black Forest!

We have had so much fun here.

Thanks, Freddy

Visit the Rainbow Club at :

Don Swensen, Billy Moss, George Bayer, and Billy Leach in 2002


George Bayer

We have met George several times. He is a great person.

George was known as the lead singer of Lizard and has rejoined the band.

Visit George and his band at:

Ulrich Bartsch

Thanks for all your help. You are a good friend.

Billy does not forget you getting him to a doctor after damn near

breaking his leg in Speerwald!

Thanks for jamming with us at the Spritzen Haus, and partying with us all night.

Visit Moderate Pace at:

Nocturn (Hamburg)

Nocturn and Rebel Storm in Hamburg

All the best from your friends, Rebel Storm.

Visit Nocturn at:

Rebel Storm (USA) with Flatman (Germany) and W.I.N.D (Italy) during the "Gator Parties" leg of the 2003 European Tour.

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