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The current lineup of Rebel Storm is:



Dave Sanderson: Lead Vocals



Billy Moss: Guitars, Vocals



Mark Baker: Guitars



Phil Suggs: Bass, Vocals



Bobby Nesbitt: Drums


Former Members of Rebel Storm

Don Swensen: Bass Guitarist, Vocals
Joe Turnbull:  Hammond Organ, Piano, Backing Vocals
Pat Moss:  Guitarist on debut album "Stormin' South" 1999-2000
Jeff Cano:  Guitars 2000-2001
Mark Baker:  Guitars 2001-2002
Billy Leach:  European Tour Guitarist 2002
Troy Moss:  Guitarist on "The Hard Way" 2002-2003
Pat Savage:  European Tour Guitarist 2003

Pictures of Some Former Members


Joe Turnbull

Hammond Organ, Piano, Backing Vocals


Pat Savage

"The Hard Way to Europe Tour" 2003


Troy Moss

Recording guitarist on "The Hard Way" album


Billy Leach

"Stormin Europe Tour" 2002


Don Swensen

Bass Guitarist, Vocals


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