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Rebel Storm is pleased to announce its newest member,

Lead Vocalist Dave Sanderson .

Dave brings to Rebel Storm decades of touring experience.

Dave is from a musical family, and while growing up in Florence, Alabama his parents toured, playing and singing in a gospel group.

Dave has been rehearsing with Rebel Storm for a while now, and is proud to have a vocalist of Dave's caliber.

Welcome aboard Dave!



Rebel Storm has recorded six new basic tracks at Pacific Studios in Tacoma, Washington on October 6th, 2007 bringing the total to 13 tracks towards the new album. The band informs that Vadim Nuniyants, Jeff and Troy Moss, and Derek Nesbitt were present during the session. The band will continue overdub sessions at the "Mojo Dojo" in Renton, Washington.

And of course Dave will be featured on the new album. The band is shooting for an April release.



Efforts are currently underway to reissue Rebel Storm's first album, "Stormin' South".

Stay tuned for availability!



Rebel Storm is currently looking into conducting their third tour of Germany in the Fall of 2008.



Rebel Storm has recorded the song "A Moment of Thunder" with the song's author, Garret Lloyd King. You can listen to the song at:

Rebel Storm was proud to participate in this patriotic song about supporting the troops overseas.

Rebel Storm would to see our red-blooded American Military folks back home and safe.



Rebel Storm in partnership with Southern Rock Archiv

internet magazine ( Germany )

Announces the official re-release of the band's second album,

"The Hard Way".


"The Hard Way" was originally released in the Spring of 2003 and features Billy Moss on guitars and vocals, Don Swensen on bass guitar and vocals, Troy Moss (now currently with The Moss Brothers Band) on guitars,

Joe Turnbull on keyboards and backing vocals,

and Bobby Nesbitt on drums.


The CD is being released with the original artwork and digital masters

in cooperation with the artist, Stan "The Mississippi Man" Tingle at


The CD was mastered by Randall Merryman

(of Marshall Tucker Band fame) at Wild Hair Productions.


The Band would also like to thank Jeff McCorkle at Paragon Media in Seattle, WA for his efforts in making sure the CD art was absolutely perfect.


"The Hard Way" was recorded at House of Sound Studio in Tacoma, WA.

The album was produced and mixed by Joe Riggio

(who also engineered the recording, and played guitar on some songs),

and Jeff Moss (The Moss Brothers Band) who sang some

backup vocals, and Billy Moss.


Billy Moss says that the inspiration for the title came from an article about a show on the band's first European tour in Home of Rock internet magazine titled "Takin' The Hard Way" by Fred Schmidtlein.

The article is still available online at:


The Hard Way was originally advertised by the band as

"The Hard Way, 12 new songs from Rebel Storm,


"The Hard Way" was released to rave reviews and put the band at the forefront of the "new generation" of Southern Rock bands prompting

GRITZ  magazine to call Rebel Storm,


“…one of the hottest rocking Southern Rock bands in the U.S.A.”
Michael Buffalo Smith, Editor: GRITZ Magazine


Fred Schmidtlein of Home of Rock called "The Hard Way",

“…one of the best albums in the Southern Rock genre.”

“…why don't my old heroes play like this anymore?”
“You can almost see the vapor trail these guitars paint into the sky.”
“…a Southern Rock masterpiece.”
Fred Schmidtlein: Home of Rock (Germany)


Rebel Storm toured Europe for the second time in support of

"The Hard Way" CD.

Canadian guitarist, Pat Savage joined the band as second lead guitarist for the tour as it rolled through the countries of:

The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland.

And Rebel Storm found themselves on the cover of

Bands of Dixie Magazine (France) and in a five page spread of

Easy Rider Magazine (Europe Edition).

Rebel Storm was joined at various points of the tour with the bands,

Flatman from Germany, who Rebel Storm have maintained a close relationship with since first touring with them in 2002,

W.I.N.D. from Italy, Voodoo Lake from Italy, and

Green Leaf in the Black Forest of Germany, to name a few.


Rebel Storm's "The Hard Way" is now available in the U.S. at CDBaby.



The CD is also available in Europe at the Southern Rock Archiv Music Shop.


Rebel Storm disbanded in January of 2004, but is back together as of October 2006 with a new lineup and is currently recording the band's third CD, which has an expected release date in the fall of 2007.


The new lineup features founding Rebel Storm members

and former members of The Moss Brothers Band:

Billy Moss - Guitar / Vocals, Bobby Nesbitt - Drums,

former Moss Brothers Band Bassist Phil Suggs,

and previous Rebel Storm Guitarist Mark Baker,

who is also a former touring member of Metal Church.

The band also now features

Dave Sanderson on Lead Vocals as of October 2007.

Billy Moss Makes Citizens Arrest!
Woman's wallet stolen.
Quincy, Washington 5-1-07


After a long day of coyote hunting in the high desert country of Eastern Washington, Kathleen Moss and her husband, William, both residents of Pierce County, were buying food and beverages at the Food Mart in downtown Quincy Saturday night at 9:00 PM. While Mrs. Moss paid at the counter for the items, Mr. Moss took them to wait at the family vehicle. Mrs. Moss was tripped by the suspect placing a case of beer directly behind her feet, and the suspect grabbed Mrs. Moss' wallet and ran to a car waiting outside where Mrs. Moss and the store cashier followed the suspect yelling for him to stop. William Moss followed the suspects' car through the town of Quincy at high speeds to State Highway 281 where the chase went south 12 miles to the town of George. Mr. Moss briefly lost the suspects but soon found them entering a house. Mr. Moss informed the 911 dispatcher of his location and while waiting for law enforcement to arrive found the suspect walking down the street. Mr. Moss, who was lawfully carrying a pistol with a Washington State concealed pistol license, detained the suspect until units of the Quincy Police, Grant County Sheriff Dept., and the Washington State Patrol arrived on the scene and placed the suspect under arrest. Mr. Moss was briefly detained, but released and his pistol returned to him at the scene when law enforcement officers determined that Mr. Moss acted within the law in making a citizens arrest as the suspect was in commission of a felony. The suspect admitted to stealing Mrs. Moss' wallet although it was not recovered. The suspect,
Raul Sanchez Velazquez was charged in Superior Court of Washington for Grant County yesterday for two counts of theft in the second degree, and one count of theft in the third degree.



In other Rebel Storm news:


Billy Moss has updated his Toneheadz page where he talks about recording the new Rebel Storm album.


The Moss Brothers Band, which three members of Rebel Storm are former members of, have released their debut album, "Royal Orleans"

which Billy helped mix and performed on the song, "Collard Greens" is

now available on




Billy Moss has recently had an interview with Southern Rock Archiv.
An English language version can be found here.


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